April 2021 // The Travel Edition


Sometimes a destination wedding schedule can be so busy that it doesn’t allow for creative couple’s photos at the location. Offer a second day session, maybe a few hours or up to a full day if there’s more travel involved. If you want to sell it, you need to show it. Give them a vision and reason to spend more money. It allows the creative juices to flow, the couple receives amazing images, and it makes your portfolio stand out. Even with elopements where the destination is heavily intertwined, it might seem unnecessary to offer another day, but it’s not. Offer second days and third days to allow for more hiking, overnight camping and more creative images. My Everest wedding was 10 days of hiking. I had planned to be gone three weeks total. It was an investment being gone that long, but it more than paid off.

settings: f8.0 @ 1/250 iso 200

settings: f2.2 @ 1/1600 iso 400

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