April 2021 // The Travel Edition

5 Ways to Add Destination Shoots to Your Portfolio | Sal Cincotta

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Do not just show up and expect to start shooting. It just doesn’t work that way. Take your lead from Hollywood. They have teams that are focused on scouting locations and securing permits. We will talk about the second point in a moment here. So what does research look like? Well for us, it starts with Google streets and goes from there. Each city is known for something. In St.Louis, for example, where I'm located, we have the St.Louis Arch. Any search online for "cool architecture in St.Louis" or anything along those lines will reveal a ton of unique shooting opportunities. Armed with this information, you will start putting together a shot list of the top 3-5 locations you would like to shoot. Now, from here, you really need to do your research. Do you need a permit for any of these locations? Do they have restrictions on photography? I'm all for a little run and gun shooting, but when you are working with clients I want to know I'm not going to spend half my day being chased off by security. Having that simple piece of paper showing you have a permit is priceless to getting the shots you want. To drive this point home: In St.Louis, if you think you can just show up on the Arch grounds and shoot you are sadly mistaken. Sure, you can shoot with it in the background and that’s a gorgeous shot, but if you step onto the grounds, which is gorgeous by the way, Park Rangers will be on you within 10 minutes looking for a permit. And that’s my point. It's not expensive. It's procedural. So, just do the leg work and avoid the hassle.

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