April 2021 // The Travel Edition


What's your plan? Who are you shooting? People in the cities you are traveling to? Nope. That’s a really bad plan for a lot of reasons. You should be shooting the clients from your own city who are traveling to these cities with you. In order for that to happen you need to advertise this fact. You do this by advertising months in advance that this year, you will be offering limited availability shoots in select cities. First come, first serve. We have to create buzz and excitement for these shoots. Now, when you are first starting out, you may only book a single session. Who cares? Remember what I told you in the very beginning of this article? This is why it's so important. One shoot would be more than enough for me if we wanted to travel to a select city. Now, I will tell you, clients that travel with us spend 35%-40% more on average. Think about it. They took off from work. Got a hotel. Bought new clothes. They are invested in this.

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