April 2021 // The Travel Edition


After the shoot was over, I decided to do something that I hardly ever do: professionally retouch the photos. Since I’m no expert in that, I let my friend Kristi Sherk retouch the photos (www.sharkpixel.com – use code vanessajoy for 20% off). Although I don't normally retouch photos, these were done for artistic reasons and I just wanted to see what Kristi could do with them and ultimately ended up with a super polished image. I narrowed my photos down to a small list of favorites, but couldn't decide which of those to have Kristi retouch, so I actually went live on my Instagram (@vanessajoy) and let everyone else choose for me. Kristi did an incredible job removing some of the imperfections without changing the character of the shots. Wrinkles in the model's shirt were smoothed, lines were straightened, bubbles were rounded. It improved the composition of the shot without taking away from the model's natural beauty.

See the entire process from start to finish on Shutter Magazine’s YouTube channel. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to create and execute a shoot from start to finish, pulling from my little imagination and using tools that help me achieve my results.

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Vanessa Joy has been a professional wedding photographer in New Jersey since 2002, and an influencer in the photographic community for years. Since starting VanessaJoy.com in 2008, she has taught photographers around the globe at almost every major platform in the industry (LearnPhotoVideo.com). Vanessa has been recognized for her talent and business sense at the renowned industry events CreativeLIVE, Clickin’ Moms, WPPI and ShutterFest. Her peers love her informative, open-book style of teaching. website: vanessajoy.com instagram: @vanessajoy

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