April 2021 // The Travel Edition

How to Get Better Color with Canon in Lightroom Classic | Dustin Lucas

fig 4

To do a full side-by-side comparison I have to use the same settings. Now that I have collected the Picture Style, let’s hop into LrC10 to change the terrible Adobe Color profile to a more suitable option. (fig. 4) Using Lightroom’s Profile browser we can cycle through the camera matching ones to land on Neutral v2. (fig. 5) This is less saturated than Adobe Color but we are still warmer by 150K looking at DPP4. (fig. 6ab) After fixing the temperate and exposure 1/3 stop we have to correct the density of this image. It’s way too muddy in the raw form and I will abandon DPP4 to do this. We got away pretty easy matching the profiles between the programs, but if you can’t then you’ll have to make a custom profile. (fig. 7ab)

fig 5

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