April 2021 // The Travel Edition

Become a little famous. See your work on our ad campaign for the professional photography industry.

It takes courage to keep pushing in spite of the unexpected. But you did. You continue to do it every day. And now it’s time to celebrate you. Celebrate our industry and the people who make this creative dream worth living. It’s time to be bold. We are launching a campaign to showcase the work of professional photographers on over 100 billboards across the country. This isn’t a campaign to tell you which lab to use. This isn’t a campaign for new products. This is a campaign for you. This is a campaign for our industry. A campaign to recognize the importance of photography and its ability to preserve memories and change lives. We are dedicating our resources to champion an industry we love. An industry worth fighting for.

The comeback is always greater than the setback. You know what excellence looks like.

Take the next step. Submit your work for consideration.

Learn more at: www.CGProPrints.com/billboard

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