April 2021 // The Travel Edition

A Guide to Getting Started as a Travel Photographer | Kenny Kim

settings: f8.0 @ 1/640 iso 100

In closing, I find it a bit ironic writing about a topic that is probably not too practical during this current world pandemic. But perhaps this is the best time to research and plan your dream destination so that you will be prepared to go when the world opens back up. Also, photography is something you can learn while you’re at home. Keep honing your craft and learn to master your camera until the settings become muscle memory to you. Doing this now will ensure that you will not be wasting time figuring out how to use your camera when you’re traveling. Go take walks around your neighborhood or take a short road trip somewhere and spend time capturing images there. Travel is never going to be the same, but it will resume again. The new requirements and restrictions will be implemented accordingly to keep us safe. These changes should not surprise us, as change is the only constant thing in any aspect of life. So as you plan out where you want to go in the near future, start by figuring out your dream destination, do your research and until the world opens back up, keep practicing your photography skills at home so that you will be a master on the road.

Kenny Kim has always been fascinated by the visual arts, especially the connection between art and photography. Combined with his love of travel and culture, he has become one of the most respected and sought after destination wedding photographers in the wedding industry. His nationally recognized work has been featured in the most respected photography periodicals as well as numerous online publications. He is also the author of two books: “Wedding Photographer’s Planner” and “Digital Wedding Photography Photo Workshop,” both of which are comprehensive must-reads for any photographer looking to successfully execute a wedding day shoot. website: kennykim.com instagram: @kenny_kim

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