April 2021 // The Travel Edition


This goes without saying, but to be a “travel photographer,” you must master the “travel” aspect. People love to “travel” but often dread the actual part of going to and from their home to the destination. I have gathered many travel hacks and tips through my own mistakes which can hopefully help you along the way. Keep in mind that not all hacks or tips are foolproof. You will still make mistakes along the way, but that is a part of the traveling experience.

settings: f4.5 @ 1/320 iso 200

1. Build up points and status immediately through a travel credit card. Having the perks and benefits can help ease the stress of travel, especially with all your expensive camera gear and equipment. While building your travel status takes time, you can get a head start by getting a credit card that immediately offers various travel benefits, including status upgrades, TSA/PreCheck waivers, global lounge access, travel protection, etc. While their annual memberships are usually high, they essentially pay for themselves. 2. Stay loyal to one airline by figuring out which airline flies most frequently to your favorite destinations. With a frequent flyer status, you will often get complimentary upgrades such as higher class seating and more importantly pre-boarding, which ensures that you will always have overhead space for your carry-on gear. TSA/ PreCheck & Global Entry will save you a ton of time by avoiding long lines at the airport. Extra baggage allowance allows you to save on additional costs which can really add up over time. If you are traveling by train (which is easy and efficient to do in Europe), pay the extra cost to get a seat at a higher class cabin. Not only do you travel more comfortably, it also provides extra security and peace of mind. 3. Make sure that your insurance policy covers travel mishaps. If this is not provided by your insurance company, look for credit card companies that include insurance along with their travel benefits. The point is that you need to learn to be a savvy traveler and this process will take time.

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