April 2021 // The Travel Edition

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When you arrive at your destination, make an extra effort to build relationships with people you meet along the way. It could be your taxi driver, staff at your hotel, a server at a restaurant or a local shop owner. You can start with small casual conversations and go from there. While they may seem like random strangers at first, you’ll find that they are not so random anymore. The universe has a way of connecting you with people that you are supposed to meet. But it will never happen until you initiate that first step. You just never know where this will lead you. With every trip I take, I make it a point to get to know the locals. I often initiate by smiling and asking them a question. You will not always get the kind of response that you are expecting. You do not make friends with everyone that you meet in life. The ones that I do make connections with, I sometimes offer to take a portrait of them as a gift. I can tell you countless stories of amazing friends I have gained and opportunities I got to experience just by befriending a “stranger.” The world truly becomes smaller when you take time to make friends. I also connect with local photographers. Not only is it fun to find out about who they are and how they run their business, but sometimes we can also help each other by shooting weddings together. The important lesson here is to go out and meet people.

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