April 2021 // The Travel Edition

A Guide to Getting Started as a Travel Photographer | Kenny Kim


As a photographer, my clients often turn to me to decide where to take the best photos. I can only do this if I am familiar with those locations. My homework begins with reading about those locations in travel books, publications and online research. If possible, I try to meet some people that are from there and seek out their recommendations. You can learn a lot about a place before even stepping foot there. (Bonus: if you are friends with restaurant owners that are from there, they will not only tell you where to go but where to eat!)

settings: f9.0 @ 1/250 iso 50

settings: f11 @ 1/200 iso 100

settings: f8.0 @ 1/250 iso 100

settings: f11 @ 1/160 iso 100

Another step I take when planning is to arrive a few days early to scout out the best locations. As you do this, pay attention to light. Make note of what time of the day will be optimal for photographing at that location to get the desired look that you want. During my non-busy season, I will often pick one or two locations I want to learn more about and go there on my own. Italy is my top destination and I have taken multiple trips to popular wedding destination locations like Rome, Milan and Venice to get familiar with these cities. Many European cities can also be seen on foot. I enjoy walking around every part of the city during my research trip. It allows me to capture some amazing street photography, as everywhere I turn is a visual buffet for artists.

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