April 2021 // The Travel Edition

A Guide to Getting Started as a Travel Photographer | Kenny Kim

As a photographer who specializes in destination weddings, I found a perfect marriage between travel and wedding photography (no pun intended). My vocation has allowed me to travel to numerous countries, discover exotic locations and connect with fascinating locals for more than a decade. Prior to Covid-19, about 40% of my weddings were taking place in destination locations. I spent about half of the year on the road and amassed over 1 million airline miles (not counting the distances covered by other modes of transportation). Aside from my wedding business, I annually led a tour called PhotoVenture Tours (PhotoVentureTours.com). Each trip focused on a specific region of Italy, helping attendees discover all the best things that area had to offer through food, wine and photography. In doing all these things over the years, it has taught me to be a savvy traveler—a skillset required to become a destination wedding and/or travel photographer. Allow me to share some tips on how to get started in travel photography. But before you even pick up a camera, here are some non-gear-related lessons to consider.

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