April 2021 // The Travel Edition

Tools and Techniques for Epic Landscape Photography | Ryan Brown

settings: f9.0 @ 1/500 iso 640


Landscape photography is a great way to not only be in nature, but a useful way to enhance and build your skill set. Once you become proficient, night landscape photography and filter techniques are easily incorporated into wedding and portrait photography as well. The next time you go out for a hike or to the lake, pack your camera and practice some of these techniques. To quote Galen Rowell, “You only get one sunrise and one sunset a day, and you only get so many days on this planet. A good photographer does the math and doesn’t waste either.”

Master Photographic Craftsman, Ryan Brown, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Photography from The University of Central Missouri. Calling Kansas City home, he loves to travel any chance he gets. Ryan has been a part of the photographic industry in various capacities for 18 years. Currently, Ryan works for Canon USA. website: ryanbrownphoto.com instagram: @ryanphotog

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