April 2021 // The Travel Edition



settings: f1.8 @ 1/400 iso 20


Post-production and printing are important to my workflow. Most of my images are edited in Photoshop, and I use Lightroom primarily for cataloging my collection of images. I keep my images timeless. If you look back at an Ansel Adams image, you don’t know if it was taken 100 years ago or yesterday. I want my work to be the same way. For this reason, I don’t get too much into editing. I often use Nik Silver Efex for black and white edits and some brown tone images. I use Photoshop for color, contrast and brightness settings. While shooting I take care to level the camera and use the lens to create the view that I am going for. This allows more freedom in post- production for fewer, faster edits and less cropping and rotation. Printing is a favorite of mine. To get consistent results between what you see on a screen and what you get in a print, monitor calibration is the key. I primarily use the Canon Pro 1000 printer. This printer can create up to 17x22-inch prints. I use the Canon Professional Print and Layout plug-in for Photoshop for printing to the Pro 1000. Inkjet paper is a consideration for the finished product of a landscape print. I like the Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper. Fiber papers give the darkest blacks possible and a nice full tonal range print. For color images, fine art rag paper is a wonderful option.

before settings: f5.0 @ 1/40 iso 100


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