April 2021 // The Travel Edition


My favorite eye cream comes in a beautiful blue container, almost like a Tiffany Blue, and I wanted to capture that color to use as a background. I figured it would be the opposite of the bubble gum, and that could be interesting as well. I thought it would be fun to have it against the pink color of bubble gum and photograph a model blowing a bubble in front of it, in addition to matching the pink color… or maybe use both? The idea was that the opposing color would provide the perfect contrast to the bubble the model was blowing. But once I had the bubble gum and the eye cream bottle in the same place, I realized that the two colors worked well together and decided to use blue as the second color.



settings: f6.3 @ 1/250 iso 100

settings: f4 @ 1/160 iso 50


I have a darkish red lipstick that has a great color and I wanted to photograph a model wearing that lipstick against a background of the same color. I thought it would look great if the model was wearing a black top and my black hat that has large, decorative holes in the rim. Ideally, I’d perfectly place her eye in one of the holes and grab focus through there, but since the holes make a grid-like pattern, I knew focusing might be an issue and that the camera may grab the grid instead of the model’s eye. Either way, the shot here would be much more dramatic than the first one, placing light almost exclusively on my subject’s face, and lighting the background a little so that it has a deep red color and direct focus on the eye.

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