April 2021 // The Travel Edition


Landscape photography is a wonderful way to be in and appreciate nature. Anytime you go photograph, preparation is key. Some of the most important tools you can take don’t involve photography at all. Check the weather before you go and make sure you prepare for it. In the winter, I generally have two pairs of gloves, a headlamp, hand warmers, a multi-tool, hat and scarf. When I am out photographing sunrise in the Tetons, it can get down to the 30s some mornings even in July and August. Next, I use an app called PhotoPills for location research. This app gives information on sunrise and sunset times, Milky Way location in augmented reality, interactive hyperfocal distance calculator, and moonrise and moonset times. This is just a bit of what the app is capable of and I consider this a must-have tool for any photographer.

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