April 2021 // The Travel Edition

How to Practice Travel Photography at Home | Molly Van Kley

settings: f4.0 @ 1/125 iso 800

Writing this article has inspired me to try more creative photoshoot ideas from my home and surrounding areas. Something I found while brainstorming for this article was the idea of using a projector and photographing your subject in front of a projected image. I can’t wait to try it! As it turns out, we can do a lot with very little. Your area might be cooler than you realize. Do some location scouting and ask around about locations. Utilize seemingly mundane locations or search for local scenic spots. Travel to these local outdoor gems! Set the scene to look like somewhere else. Reach out to local establishments that have interesting interiors. Create your environment using set pieces or completely build your own set. Bring your backdrops and sets outdoors or bring the outdoors into your sets! Challenge yourself to change your perspective. Curate the styling, hair and makeup. Be mindful of your color scheme and post-processing. All of these things work toward the mood of the final image. Whether you are in Paris or your own backyard, you really can create amazing dynamic images.

Molly Van Kley is a fashion, commercial, and portrait photographer based in Augusta, Georgia and available internationally. Her photography has taken her throughout the world and allowed her to work with incredible people with immense and diverse talents. She thrives on creative collaboration and truly believes that no matter how great a concept is, diverse perspectives will make it greater. Molly puts her whole heart and mind into every project whether she is creating a fantastical fashion editorial, a bold, exciting advertisement, or a unique, luxury portrait experience. website: mvkphoto.com instagram: @mvk_photo

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