April 2021 // The Travel Edition

How I Got the Shot | Vanessa Joy

As a working photographer, most of my shoots are for other people. Whether it's weddings or commissioned portraits, I don't get a lot of time just to explore my own creativity. But I recently had the opportunity to bring an idea to life and set up a shoot just for fun, and I ran with it. I had a couple of ideas and some real-world objects that I thought would make fun photographs. One idea was pink and bubbly: I wanted to use the color of bright pink bubble gum for a poppy and colorful type shot. The other one was inspired by this bright red lipstick and a fun black hat. There is a device, Datacolor ColorReaderEZ, that lets you capture the color of real-world objects and replicate them for paint colors. So, I had the idea to capture the color of the bubble gum and red lipstick and get backgrounds that matched them from Savage Universal.

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