April 2021 // The Travel Edition

How to Practice Travel Photography at Home | Molly Van Kley

Something I had been wanting to add to my portfolio for a while was a nightlife city lights concept shoot. I wanted a big city with plenty of street lights and car headlights and other miscellaneous lights that I could use to create some dynamic images. Of course, because of Covid I needed to pivot this idea into something doable here at home in Augusta where the downtown scene doesn’t have the big city vibe I was looking for. I decided to look around for a club or bar that I might be able to shoot inside of. After contacting a few places I found one that was willing to open up for me to do the shoot. It was a great environment with a long bar, pool table, and old arcade machines in the back. To bring in more of the dynamic lighting I was going for I decided to use red and blue gels over my bare strobe lights. I am so happy with the images that resulted from this shoot and I may have never considered doing it this way if it wasn’t for the challenge Covid presented. When creating a scene, another possibility is to create your environment using set pieces or completely building your own set. I’ve done this a few different ways: building a full set indoors, bringing backdrops to an outdoor location, and even bringing nature into my indoor sets.

settings: f5.6 @ 1/1000 iso 160

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