April 2021 // The Travel Edition

This next shoot is a great example of working with a very limited location to create the illusion of a setting different from the one you’re in. Utilizing perspective we control what our audience sees and for this shoot I couldn’t leave my apartment complex. I wanted to do a fun floral summertime shoot but I had to work among apartment buildings and parking lots. I did a little location scouting around the parking lots and found a single flowering shrub. Since that would not be enough, I also purchased some fake flowers from the craft store. For the wardrobe I picked a warm-toned floral dress and my HMUA did fresh summery makeup and hair. We started by doing a few shots at the flowery shrub and then moved on to the next shots which required a little more creativity. I shifted my perspective for these to avoid unwanted buildings and cars in the background of my images. I took a few shots from above, straight down on the model positioned in a patch of grass with flowers placed around her for a fun, vibrant summery shot. I also shot my model from below using the flowers to frame my image and obscure unwanted background elements. Looking at the final images we managed to create, you would never guess where we actually created them!

settings: f7.1 @ 1/1250 iso 125

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