April 2021 // The Travel Edition

How to Practice Travel Photography at Home | Molly Van Kley

In the summer of 2020 I was supposed to travel to Los Angeles for a series of photoshoots, but as happened with many plans, Covid got in the way. Despite the canceled trip, I needed to deliver on the expectations I had set for my high school senior modeling team in a big way. Fortunately, I set myself up for success in a few key ways. First, I am always keeping an eye out for interesting locations for photoshoots, whether I’m traveling or just out and about in my neighborhood. I spend a lot of time researching visually interesting locations at nearby parks, reservations, or even business establishments, event venues and Airbnbs. I love finding random hidden gems around my area that evoke the mood I am looking for. I also try to communicate regularly with other photographers in my area, and we all learn from each other about interesting places to shoot. This all paid off in a big way for this shoot because it led me to a surprisingly cool location just 30 minutes from my home. The location is an old rock quarry and looks completely unlike anything in the area. Now I just needed to plan out my styling: hair, makeup, wardrobe and jewelry. I wanted to create a dark look combining the dusty wild west with lavish bohemian elements. I contacted a local jewelry boutique for some bohemian jewelry. Accessories can go a long way to bring together the overall desired mood. I used hats and a good variety of wardrobe items capturing both the free flow of bohemian styles and the austerity of the old west. The entire shoot, the location, wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup all came together to form a look that screams California and the Southwest without venturing out of my small city in Georgia.

settings: f8.0 @ 1/800 iso 125

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