April 2021 // The Travel Edition

How to Practice Travel Photography at Home | Molly Van Kley

One of my very favorite things to do as a photographer is to work at extraordinary locations—whether that means traveling to Paris or Sydney to find an incredible spot, or taking an ordinary location and making it exceptional. The latter is something I am often doing, even in non-Covid times, because traveling isn’t always an option. I often have to make do in a situation where I have to create the feeling of a place without actually being able to go there. In order to exceed my clients’ expectations in this current Covid climate, I’ve had to draw on a lot of the creative experiences I’ve had in the past as well as come up with some new solutions due to being unable to travel. It takes some creativity to create the feel of a different location while staying home or close to home. When starting the pre-production of one of my photoshoots, I think about all the elements that go into creating the scene and then bring them all together to create a fully stylized final image. Through location scouting, building a scene with sets and props, utilizing different lighting to accentuate the mood, switching up my perspective and getting only what I want in frame, and coordinating wardrobe, hair, makeup and accessories—I bring the story I’m telling to life.

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