April 2021 // The Travel Edition



settings: f1.8 @ 1/115 iso 125


Selective focus is an extremely effective way to keep the viewer’s eye on your subject. Longer lenses with large apertures would ideally be used at the point of capture, picking the best ingredients, but we can now use local adjustment tools like the brush and radial filter to reduce sharpness, providing a slight blurring effect in areas that are not our subject. The eye will simply disregard anything that is not in focus.

Pro tip: You can duplicate these adjustments to create a stronger effect after you’ve maxed out the slider.

This is just the beginning. The biggest step you can take is to start recognizing the potential in your photographs, both in the edit and eventually, at the point of capture. Seeing through the process will help you recognize and capture the full potential, not just of the scene, but of yourself as a photographer. You’re starving yourself and others of your full creative potential by looking for the best ingredients and learning how to cook your meal to perfection. Bon appétit!

Clifford Pickett is a New York City based professional travel and commercial photographer and educator. Clifford was born with a curious mind and he has a tendency to let it get the best of him. Embracing this has allowed him to stand in front of some very wild and interesting people and places. His goal is to share his zen through his images to allow others to experience the same. website: cliffordpickett.com instagram: @cliffordpickettphotography

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