April 2021 // The Travel Edition

Actually, it’s completely useless to know what the sliders do.

What’s helpful to know is the Why.

• Why use the exposure slider to darken this area or brighten this one? • Why use one slider vs. another?

What’s missing in every other article you may read or tutorial you’ve seen on editing is one critical thing: purpose.

Once you can define what your subject is, now every single slider has a purpose—it’s that simple. Every slider has the same purpose but different means of achieving it. Does it make the photo more effective? How do we make an image more effective? We hack how people view our images. Everyone can’t help but view photographs the same way. It’s subconscious. It’s born out of thousands of years of evolution. We are really good at simply discarding most of the information that comes our way each day. It’s no different for photography. We need to understand how we all see images. We all see images the same way. We can’t help it. Once we know this, every single slider can now be used with intention. Here’s the recipe. First, figure out what your subject is. This ideally happens at the point of capture. It’s why you stopped in your tracks and picked up the camera. What caught your eye? Recognize the potential in the scene. Work it. Capture the ingredients.



settings: f2.8 @ 1/350 iso 20

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