April 2021 // The Travel Edition

settings: f3.2 @ 1/320 iso 200

settings: f3.2 @ 1/320 iso 200


In fashion and beauty, the connection is everything. Once you’ve mastered your settings, lighting, and composition, then it is time to focus on getting great energy out of your subject. Always have music playing and give them tons of positive feedback as you shoot. This will help you bring out your subject’s real raw personality and confidence. If your subject leaves the shoot more confident than when they arrived, you’ve done your job as a photographer. When you create a great experience for your clients, they are much more likely to love the images and keep hiring you back! Happy shooting!

DixieDixon is an internationally renowned fashion, lifestyle, andcommercial advertisingphotographer and film director based out of Dallas, Texas. She travels worldwide working with brands ranging from Disney to Virgin to People and has spent the last decade bringing creative visions to life for brands, ad agencies, fashion, and commercial clients. As a Nikon Ambassador of the United States, she brings a wildly positive energy to set that creates a one of a kind experience for her clients. Dixie’s style embodies an idealistic approach to photography and motion work with a touch of soulful realism. website: dixiedixon.com instagram: @iamdixiedixon

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