February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Capture One Pro 21 — Is It Time to Switch? | Michael Anthony


This is a question that you will have to ask yourself. In my opinion, this would be an incredibly easy decision if you are currently editing your own work. Capture One seems to have surpassed much of what Lightroom can do. My opinion only: Lightroom has shifted its focus to a more consumer base, as evident in renaming the professional desktop version “Classic” and placing a heavy focus on the mobile world, which does not serve professional photographers all too well. Ultimately, if your studio currently outsources to a post-production house, you will not find many that will operate with Capture One, so making that switch right now could be tough to do. For our own internal work, we are using Capture One at the moment and sticking with Lightroom for jobs that are being outsourced. For my studio, Capture One currently looks like it’s an option that will satisfy both the artistic direction I want our studio to go in, as well as the efficiency direction that we require.

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Michael Anthony is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Michael is a monthly contributor to Shutter Magazine, and has spoken at international conventions including WPPI, Imaging USA, Photoplus Expo, and ShutterFest. Michael is an educator and founder of Elevate Photography Education, a company created to help photographer entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams in the photography industry. website: michaelanthonyphotography.com instagram: @michaelanthonyphotography

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