February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Capture One Pro 21 — Is It Time to Switch? | Michael Anthony


It’s no secret that Capture One allows more control. The ability to work quickly in layers in your RAW editor can help you get much further along in your editing process than you can in Lightroom, which only allows you to add adjustments on a single layer. Non-destructive editing is crucial for making decisions, so editing a set of creatives within your RAW editor can help you get through a job quickly. Capture One also offers presets, which they call styles, which I am a huge fan of for helping to quickly create different looks. Capture One’s RAW Processing engine allows for much finer control over the black and white points as well as your tone curve. It also allows for levels adjustments and structure, which I am a big fan of in my creatives that I do for clients. The ability to quickly add a layer and paint on local sharpening and structure adjustments helps to keep images inside my RAW processor.

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