February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

before after

Smart Objects and their usefulness go beyond these three basic examples. They can be a powerful tool for complex artwork creation like composites, and coupled with the most powerful tool inside of Photoshop—Layer Blending Modes—you can bring about multiple fantasy worlds as you see in the images above. But you’ll have to wait until the March 2021 edition of Shutter Magazine to hear the rest of that story.

David is an award-winning photographer, Photoshop artist and educator who specializes in unique portrait and photo manipulation art. Through his brand Reality Reimagined, his artwork spans the genres of fantasy, glamour, fashion and all the stories found therein. In 2018, he received the Grand Award from the ShutterFest image competition and is currently nominated for a Grand Imaging Award through Professional Photographers of America. The center of his universe is his wonderful wife Bethany, who reminds him to never be afraid to fly. Together they have traveled the world and continue to explore all the possibilities of Reality Reimagined and the imagination it is based on. website: realityreimagined.com instagram: @realityreimagined

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