February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Unlock the Power of Smart Objects in Photoshop | David Byrd

In this next example of the same image of Danielle, I’m going to convert the layer to a Smart Object. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Menu command of Layer>Smart Objects>Convert to Smart Object. This will take a moment, then the layer will have a new icon on the bottom right that indicates it’s a Smart Object. When we first enlarge the image through the Free Transform process, Photoshop is creating new pixels to make that larger view. However, the original data is still there; none of it has been deleted or overwritten. If we decide to resize the image back down to a smaller frame, all of the original data is there for Photoshop to average and make something new. If you wish to return to the original frame and size of the image, you can do so as all of that data is still there.

smart object window

smart object icon

This enables you to work non-destructively with your images—not to mention saving you a TON of time. Let’s talk about that time-saving stuff next.

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