February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Surreal Portraiture and the Retouching Behind It | Kelly Robitaille

When it comes to color grading, I often utilize the Camera Raw function. I love having the ability to view both the current image as well as the preview of what the changes will look like before setting it in stone. Another great way to achieve a painterly feeling in Camera Raw is by pulling up your black slider. This helps showcase more details in the shadows as well as creating a more matte feeling by decreasing the contrast in your artwork.

selective color

I use several other techniques for color grading, but my favorites are selective color, curves and setting a black and white layer to luminosity blending mode and tweaking from there. Another great option is creating a gradient to achieve your desired toning, and in my opinion these are best discovered by experimentation and allowing oneself the grace to try new things with the possibility of failure.


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