February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Surreal Portraiture and the Retouching Behind It | Kelly Robitaille

Culling is a very easy task for me because when creating art, I have my concept and my storyboard in mind. If I will be compositing, I know what angles, lighting and poses will work best while shooting. I capture my subject, knowing what I intend my final product to look like. I start my post-production within Camera Raw, making sure my exposure, sharpness and black values are where I need them to be. I tend to shoot slightly underexposed because I feel it gives me the creative freedom to paint and dodge and burn and attain the moody emotional reaction I am striving for.

before after

Once I am happy within Camera Raw, I will do a basic cleanup using the patch tool, spot healing brush and clone tool. Then I will run my Frequency Separation action. This action I use at least twice through my retouch of an image. The action I use includes not only High Frequency (HF) and Low Frequency (LF) layers but an empty layer in the middle, which I use for painting.


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