February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition


THIS. This right here is one of the most offensive issues I see with final images. It’s amazing to me because in the end, your clients are BUYING your images from you. If they don’t look natural, if they don’t look good, they are not going to like the images. RBF. Resting Bitch Face. I explain this to every one of my clients. Each one laughs because they have seen images of themselves where they are exhibiting RBF. Remember, your clients have no idea what they look like on camera until it’s too late and they see their final images. For me, I like to teach my client how to look serious without looking like they are pissed about something. It just takes a little bit of effort and communication on your part. That’s right, you have to talk to your clients. You will be fine. Try it. They will appreciate you and your candor all the more. But it doesn’t end there. What’s worse is when you have a family, engaged couple, or wedding portrait and expressions don’t match. Surely you have seen portraits like this. The groom is mean-mugging and the bride is smiling ear to ear. How does that make sense? What is happening that she is smiling and he isn’t? It doesn’t make sense, right? This comes down to communication again. In addition, this is not something easily fixed in post-production. If you have multiple people in a shot, make sure they are all sharing the same expression. I love to do a multitude of expressions to give my clients options, but it’s key they are in sync.

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