February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Hands are the single most problematic issue when it comes to posing. I always ask, “What are they doing?” The hands, that is. If you are posing a couple, hands are so important in showing connection. Too often, I see brides and grooms disconnected with their hands. The same holds true for family portraits as well. If you have multiple people in a shot, how will you show connection? I love to have my bride’s hands on the groom’s chest or holding on to his arm. I like to have my groom with his hands on the bride’s waist. This connects them to one another. Another tip is to show your subjects how to shift their hips away from camera. Because of the nature of optics, items closer to the lens will always look bigger. I’ve never met anyone who wants to look LARGER in a picture. I show them how to shift their hips to the rear and even hide them behind their partner.

Again, these are just some tips that can help your images stand out.

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