February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

5 Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers | Vanessa Joy


Let's keep right on rolling with the theme of reminding people that you exist. As they begin their search for wedding professionals, many people can get overwhelmed quickly. They may have seen your stuff and loved it, but then forgot you existed because they've got so much more on their mind. This is where email marketing works great. Right on my website, I have a popup that asks visitors if they'd like a free eBook on tips for looking great in wedding photos (go see for yourself at www.vanessajoy.com). Who doesn't want that? So they enter their email and get their book. That puts them into an email drip campaign that sends out a few emails over the next few weeks. Those emails keep me fresh in the mind of the visitor and also provide them with some valuable information. Win-win!

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