February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Enhancing Story In Editorial Photography | Robert Hall

Not much time passed before the subject’s child was ready for some attention. While it wasn’t the initial plan, this spontaneous moment better captures the emotional benefits of online education.

While I personally find the above most useful for my work as an editorial photographer, these ideas can be applied to any niche of photography to tell more dynamic stories. I encourage readers to explore anything that sounds new. By no means is this a checklist; at times, prioritizing one thing can reduce the possibility of another. Instead, take time to practice these elements individually until they naturally become a part of your approach.

Robert Hall is an editorial and commercial photographer located in Michigan. His history of photography includes weddings, athletics and photojournalism. Robert spends his free time developing content on lighting and photography technique for his YouTube channel and the High ISO podcast. website: robhallphoto.com instagram: @robhallphoto

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