February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Enhancing Story In Editorial Photography | Robert Hall


Having a comfortable subject in a familiar space gives the photographer more opportunity for genuine actions. This goes back to the communication that I mentioned before. Don’t settle for someone telling you what they do; encourage them to show you what they do. This opens the door to natural behaviors that you can capture. This lets the subject relax more, falling into their typical behaviors. This helps you build a deeper understanding and uncover more layers of their experience—all of which leads to a better story.


Detail overload is one negative aspect of entering a space that is not optimized for photography. This occurs when there is so much stuff that it’s difficult for the viewer to see the point being made. You can reduce the space shown by compressing the scene or capturing tighter frames. For me, I chase color simplicity. I scan the environment for vibrant objects that stand out. I gravitate towards the areas of the space that feature a similar palette or geometry. While photography is about what you show in the image, it’s equally important to be thoughtful about what you choose to exclude.

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