February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition


I really wanted the clients and creative team to love this shot. The shot needed to show the benefits of the accident coverage provided for Samsung’s devices, so carefree attitudes and movements were what our story was revolving around. I didn’t want to do anything that would diminish the energy of the shoot, so I could foresee relying on the retouching and possible face swaps to finalize the shot. Therefore, I shot a ton of images—several thousand, thanks to continuous shooting mode. I needed lots of options so I’d have plenty of faces and body positions to choose from in post-production. Lining up layers, lines and textures can be overwhelming for shots that have movement in them. The trick for this one was to hide the blending details in the female model’s patterned shirt (which I helped select in advance, in case we’d need to swap). I knew it would provide a little bit of padding for the edit, if need be. The takeaway: If you see a complicated face swap in your future, overshoot to cover your bases, which will make it much easier for you later.

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