February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

For one more example of combining images, check out the shot above, created for Amika, featuring products from their Cool Blonde Collection. For this one, I had the interesting challenge of combining shots of the three floating products, a swirl below them on a surface, and also two swatches behind the floating products. This one needed to be carefully planned from composition to lighting, since it required shooting two different sets. I started by shooting all three products individually to guarantee dynamic lighting for each. I then shot the swirl in the same lighting. From there, I had to transfer my set to photograph the swatches with an overhead setup on a purple light box. To ensure that the tones and shadow directions were consistent between all components involved, I changed the angle of the key light on the swatches to match that on the products. You can think of it as the whole set being flipped and laid down. With this matching lighting and consistent purple background, the comping process of silhouetting out the swatches, integrating them into the master image, and adjusting their opacity as they thinned out was as seamless as could be.

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