February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

From Image Capture to Final Delivery | Matt Monath

Let’s touch on the importance of shooting on a locked-off tripod when you know the image will call for combining multiple shots into one. All of the tips mentioned so far require a locked-off tripod or camera stand. Again, the key is to think ahead. Take a look at the shots below, featuring the LG Tone Pro headphones, shot for Verizon. I provided the before and after to show how the floating feathers were added in post-production. I had to keep the horizon line and foreground in the exact same spot of the frame, so I needed to be sure the camera didn’t move at all between shots. This made the process of dropping in the feathers much easier than doing so if the shooting angle were to change. When you know you’ll need to rely on retouching magic to combine shots into one, keep your camera stand stable and shoot tethered.



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