February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition



Often, creative direction may call for diffused lighting that provides soft shadows, but that might not allow the camera to catch the little highlights and details of the surfaces. Therefore, we may need to involve some lighting changes or controlled reflections while shooting, to then integrate into the master shots in post-production. This is an opportunity to use modifiers to change the reflections, highlights and shadows while shooting, without moving your lighting. Once you have multiple options for various parts of the products, you can then mask them in post-production to combine them for one flawless shot, as we did in the above shots of the iPhones. A good example is the shot above, featuring the WD My Passport, shot for Western Digital. You’ll see in the before shot, the diffused lighting complements the composition, giving soft shadows to convey the gentle feminine mood that the art director requested. However, the lighting didn’t show off the unique shape of our hero product, and that’s what we needed to bring attention to. As a solution, I shot extra versions with alternate lighting that enhanced the reflective surfaces and ridges, which you’ll see was dropped in for the after shot.

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