February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

3 Steps to Sharpen Images from Lightroom to Photoshop | Dustin Lucas

A quick tip is to hold Option while you toggle the sliders: amount, radius, detail and masking. These are targeted to help you focus on the areas being affected. A default amount of 40 is applied to the image, however, we need more applied as you can see zoomed at 100%. (fig. 5) While holding Option I can move this to 115 to get some of that sharpness back. (fig. 6) You’ll find this tool can easily over-sharpen an image, so we need the additional sliders to help dial this in. Radius can really add edge sharpness to your image, but you have to be careful not to apply too much. I like to use the Option key again to make sure we just start to see the edge details come in. (fig. 7) Same goes for the detail slider. We don’t want to over-sharpen pores on the face as this looks distracting. (fig. 8) Last but not least is the masking tool to quickly offer a refined look to the sharpening effect.

fig 5

fig 6

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