February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition

Enhancing Story In Editorial Photography | Robert Hall

I spent roughly a decade photographing over 600 weddings before I pivoted into editorial photography. The purpose of editorial photography is to create images that visually convey the information or story of a published text. In my niche, this most often means creating portraits that define the goals or achievements of people. Weddings are built for telling stories, big and small. There is the obvious story: a couple is getting married at a beautiful cathedral on June 12, 2021. Then there are the more intimate stories: the relationships, emotions and history between people. Just because these stories are abundant on a wedding day, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to capture them well. It takes a skilled photographer to identify a story taking shape and have the responsiveness to capture it, both physically and technically.

When I started in the editorial world, I quickly realized that the absence of the photojournalistic structure in weddings pushed more of the story development onto me and the creative teams I worked with. Reflecting on my first two years working in the field, I can clearly see a pattern of the things I look for when communicating visually.

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