February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition


As good as Select and Mask is at selecting hair and making a mask, sometimes you may need to do a little more work on the mask to make the hair look even better. If you look at the mask (see tip 3) you may see areas of gray that should be either white or black. By setting the blend mode of the Brush tool (in the Options bar) to Overlay and lowering the opacity slightly, you can paint over the gray without affecting the surrounding black or white. For example, if you are masking hair and there are wisps of gray on a black background, paint with white in Overlay mode to make the gray wisps white without affecting the black areas.

Note: Although it helps to view the mask to see where you need to paint in Overlay mode, be sure to work on the mask with the layer showing. Seeing the areas you’re working on in context is vital!

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