February 2021 // The Post-Production Edition


Time to wrap it up! We’re essentially looking at the final image now, but I will make any small adjustments that I feel are necessary regarding saturation or brightness. To cap it off, I add in texture. Since I shot this image on seamless paper, I added one texture to make the background more dynamic. My final texture adds a touch of grit to give the illusion that the photograph is on media that isn’t smooth. Once I save the image back to Lightroom, I soft proof with my lab’s ICC printer profile. As a full-service photographer, I need to ensure that my final edit will print as closely to my desired outcome as possible. The important thing to remember when printing is that we edit on a backlit device whereas colors are absorbed into paper.

finishing group

Establishing a consistent workflow has been paramount in my growth as an artist. If you do not have a solid workflow as of yet, start by categorizing aspects of your editing into segments. Arrange and rearrange to find what best suits you!

Holly Lund is a fine art portrait photographer serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties along the Jersey Shore. After a decade of pursuing photography as a hobby, Holly established Holly Lund Imagery in 2018, offering a luxury start-to-finish portrait experience. Holly is a highly engaged member of the photography community. In addition to offering her own products and mentoring services, she is a Resident Instructor with Summerana, a Contributor with Finding Magic, and a workshop instructor with Tours by Stella Maris. Holly is also a current and active member of the Professional Photographers of America, as well as the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. website: hollylundimagery.com instagram: @hollylundimagery

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