March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Must-Have Gear for Senior Photography | David Beckham

saranomic microphones and receiver

the savage edge lights

The phopik tripod mounting head

savage low profile speed rings


• The Phopik Tripod mounting head is great for attaching my phone to when making videos. It is tall enough to be eye level or above me slightly too! The clamp is hand turned instead of an awkward spring-loaded clamp that can be difficult for larger phones. • Saranomic microphones and receiver. Simple and easy to use. The receiver plugs into your phone and the wireless mics clip on to your clothing. This allows me to do Facebook Lives and IGTV clips without any disruption in the audio. The batteries are built-in and rechargeable using a USB connection. • The Savage EDGE lights are amazing LED lights. I have the 6”x9” and the 6” diameter, excellent soft LED light sources. • Savage low profile speed rings. I love the quality of Paul Buff modifiers. Savage makes a speed ring that fits perfectly in the Paul Buff mount so that I can convert them to Bowens mounts. The low profile means the bulb from the flash will extend further into the modifier in a setup like this. These come in multiple diameters for many softboxes and light modifiers.

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