March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Must-Have Gear for Senior Photography | David Beckham

godox lc500 and lc500r


Well, sort of. The transformation to LED continuous lighting is in full swing. And the Godox LC500 and LC500R are part of it for me. The best reason for continuous light is that you see EXACTLY what you will get before you snap the shot—especially if you are using a Sony Mirrorless camera that lets you see the results of your adjustments on your LED screen before you snap it. The LC500 is a white light but you can change the Kelvin to either 3300 or 5600. The LC500R is way more versatile with 360 color range and a variable Kelvin from 2200-8500! It also has lots of features that I will probably never use like flashing and changing colors to the beat of music. Both come with a remote control (that I throw away), adjustable and removable barn doors (which work great), charger and carrying case. The negatives: only one. There is a 1/4”-20 socket for mounting but no adjustable connector. I use the ones that I got with my AD200s. They are super sturdy and work great! And a battery charge lasts a long time! I have used these light sticks as fill light in my windows, indoor shoots and outside in lowlight conditions. Here we are doing a three-light setup as you see with Olivia. She is in front of a Savage Model gray paper backdrop. I am using the LC500Rs set to a blue color to light the background and a kicker behind her. The LC500 is at 5600K as the main. This works great with the blue homecoming dress that she did not get to wear this year due to the pandemic. On the second shot I turned both LC500Rs toward her to get the hair and rim lights in blue. The background picks up the ambient overflow and turns the gray paper dark blue.

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