March 2021 // The Senior Edition

The Selens 28” Hexadecagon Parabolic is a perfect round softbox for controlled light, purchased on Amazon. I am using the diffuser scrim but not the grid that is available in the first shot. I pull the light further away so that I get a crisper slightly contrasted look and the falloff is outside of the photo. You can see the shadow is there, but it is not hard and defined. There is a huge change when I removed the diffuser scrim. Now you can see more defined shadows and the falloff line. The light is about 12 feet away in both. This is an easily collapsible modifier. Something to note: When you place the scrim inside the modifier, keep in mind that the closer to the outer edge you mount it, the softer the falloff will be. The Velcro is over 2 inches wide so that it can hold a grid too. If you put the scrim in deeper the edge of the light will be harder.

selens parabolic w/o diffuser

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