March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Must-Have Gear for Senior Photography | David Beckham


I went Godox wireless this year for my studio strobes. I use four AD400 Pros for most of my studio lighting. These have plenty of power and versatility for every lighting I do. The LED model lights are strong and the battery life is fine. For my main light I use the plug-in adaptor, so I still have one cord. I can keep the model light on full and the flash recovery is so quick. The BEST part of these lights is the bulb extending into the modifiers. This allows you to fill the modifier with light and let the modifiers modify. I cannot express my thoughts about this enough. An AD200 with the bulb adaptor will fill a 4’x6’ modifier. The negatives: The batteries go dead if you leave them plugged into the charger for too long. You can send them in to MoLight for a $35 reset fee and he is quick about getting them back to you. The negatives in no way outweigh the positives and the price on these is fantastic! I also use Godox LED Continuous lighting in the studio. I reviewed those in the March 2020 issue of Shutter Magazine. For outdoor work, I have an AD300 Pro and three AD200 Pros. These are so lightweight and powerful, and the bulbs protrude into the modifier and the batteries last forever. I have been able to shoot in full sun to adding just a touch of light. They are durable too. I have dropped them and they keep right on working!


The next set of photographs of Alyssa will show you a one Godox AD400 light setup using the modifiers I use to get that “fashion” look. The first photo uses my trusty Mola Demi beauty dish. The light head is within 3 feet of her face and gives a great even flow of light and soft shadows. But also notice the smooth falloff. That falloff is why I love it for outdoor work. The edge of a BD is different than a softbox or these other modifiers. Without a hard forward edge, light will spill out without a hard shadow line. Putting a grid on a modifier like this Mola Demi does not make sense to me because it straightens out the light again, ruining the beauty of a beauty dish!

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