March 2021 // The Senior Edition

If you have seen me speak on business topics, you have heard me say, “Try it. Test it. Use it or leave it behind.” The same thing holds true with gear. My first SLR was a Canon AE1 Program that my wife and I purchased over 40 years ago. I stuck with Canon until I tried a Sony A7III. The “eye focus” feature was everything. I did not switch because everyone else was. I switched because I proved that it was better for me and I could not wait any longer for Canon to catch up. I am going to share some of the gear I use for photographing seniors. I will share the good and the bad with my choices and show you some of the photos I have taken with it.


Love it. The eye focus is crisp and fast. The price is fair. With the Sony G 85mm f/1.4 lens I hit perfect focus 99% of the time. It is my new favorite shooting lens. The negatives: The menus are a pain to learn. Getting used to no mirror meant keeping that sensor clean is a whole new way of shooting. Sadly, the quality was a little fragile as well. I had to send it in for repairs twice in the first two years. But being a Sony Pro member means the service is fast and they are readily available to talk to. They even sent me a loaner during warranty work! I own two Sony A7III and will grab the next A7IV if they make one!

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