March 2021 // The Senior Edition


My seniors always begin their senior session at my studio for hair and makeup. From my studio, we head to our first location. Since it’s about two hours before sunset at this time, the sun is still pretty high in the sky. This is my favorite time to utilize locations that have a lot of buildings to help break the light. For example, downtown or on top of a parking garage are perfect for this time of day. From there we head to an in-between location. The sun is getting lower at this point so I have more freedom in where I can shoot. I usually go to a garden, college campus, courtyard, basically anywhere that’s a little less industrial than downtown. For the last location we head to my favorite place, the grassy field! It’s about 35 minutes until sundown at this point and the sun is already glowing, waiting for us. If you want the really orange, warm sunset look, you’ll have that during the last ten minutes of sunlight! Planning your shoots out minute by minute (don’t forget to include travel) and how much time you’ll spend shooting at each location is so helpful. Hair and makeup takes about an hour and I usually spend 30 minutes at each location. Most of my clients will book three locations, although I offer an option for four, so I always count back three hours when booking a start time. I leave a half hour for any delays that may happen.

Settings: f2.0 @ 1/400 iso 100

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