March 2021 // The Senior Edition

The Five Most Useful Blending Modes in Photoshop | David Byrd


Now let’s explore the last two popular Blending Modes: Color Dodge and Color Burn. These two function on the foundation of their category (Darken and Lighten), but they do so in a manner that is closer to the actual process of Dodge and Burning. They use the colors of the layer to do precisely that. They have a lot of real-world application in varying scenarios, but the realm that I most often utilize them is in special effects. If you’ve ever spent a few minutes with me and my most common work, you will know that I live in a world of make-believe. You’ll often find a random sword or fantasy prop lying about my studio. Some photographers have bundles of flowers, some have apple boxes and beautiful old wooden ladders. I have lightsabers and Valkyrie wings. In the examples provided I needed to add some special effects to the sword that Danielle is holding. I want it to glow with the blue fiery power of her magnificence. To achieve that, I can simply make a new blank layer that is above the image, switch that blank layer to Color Dodge Blending Mode and use a light shade of blue/teal to start painting over the sword.

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